Pengrekrutan (Suikoden Tierkreis)
Pengrekrutan (Suikoden Tierkreis)
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Ini adalah daftar lengkap semua karakter yang dapat direkrut di Suikoden Tierkreis.

Daftar Perekrutan Karakter

No. Name Recruitment
1 Sieg As the main protagonist of the game Sieg is an automatically recruited.
2 Marica Automatically recruited. Joins at Citro Village.
3 Jale Automatically recruited. Joins at Citro Village.
4 Liu-Shen Automatically recruited. Joins at Citro Village.
5 Hotupa Automatically recruited. Wanderer who joins at Forest Ruins
6 Moana Joins with Hotupa.
7 Logan Automatically recruited at Grayridge Town.
8 Erin Automatically recruited at Grayridge Town.
9 Mubal Joins the company upon entering the Magedom and stays to learn about the power of Chronicles.
10 Eunice Joins with Zahra.
11 Zahra After treating Cougar he will join with Eunice.
12 Wahie Joins after you get Cougar. Hotupa will attempt to send Cougar to his own world, but he is unable to go. Wahie comes out and tells you some Gateway advice, and joins after this.
13 Sisuca With 10 characters recruited, head out via the front exit of your HQ and Sisuca will show up. She’ll say ‘wow, you have 10 characters’ and head out. Later, return to Citro Village and go to the Elder’s House. Have her get ready to go to your HQ, and she will join you there.
14 Anya After returning from the Magedom of Janam, put Erin in your party and go to Grayridge. Check out the mine and go northeast to see Anya. With Erin in your party, you can recruit Anya. Note that earlier, as you leave Grayridge, you can get extra dialogue with Anya if you have Erin in your party, but it is not required for Anya’s recruitment.
15 Selen Every Blooming Flower Season Selen will visit the HQ. After telling by the NPC that the Storm has come, go to front entrance of the HQ with Jale. After beating Selen she will join.
16 Tongatihi After returning from the Magedom and having an access to Corridor area, go there and travel east to a new screen. After talking to him, go to Moana and sign up for Window Information. Send any character you like, because it will fail. After reporting on this quest, a new quest will open up called Windows Beyond the Gateway; this quest will fail aswell. After reporting on Windows Beyond the Gateway go back to Tongatihi. Ask him to make Windows, and he will join.
17 Gadburg Joins automatically.
18 Muro After going to Tehah Village, go back to HQ and accept the Demon Hunting in Gineh Valley mission. Go to the southwest end of the Gineh Valley waterfall area and Muro is in there, talk to him and he will join.
19 Luvais Sieg will encounter Luvais in Fort Arc, Mislato River and Grayridge Chapter Hall. After visiting Tehah Village, Luvais will be at the HQ and after defeating Cynas Conscript he will join.Note: After returning from the Magedom of Janam, visit Grayridge Ch Hall to have a scene with Luvais.
20 Nimni Joins automatically.
21 Nemne Joins with Nimni.
22 Nomno Nimni will bring him at the HQ, but he will not join the company until the HQ expand, the Knight’s Veil join the company and recruit Wustum. After the blades join in the company go to HQ 1st floor where Wustum open a restaurant/Kitchen talk to Nomno then go to the 3rd floor and talk to Nemne. Go back to the Kitchen and talk to Wustum, after Nomno eating the food Wustum cook he will join.
23 Neira She will joins after you find the Bds of Priestess. She takes a while to come to the HQ.
24 Wustum After returning from Coastal Cave go to Tehah Village Inn then talk to the Inn keeper to test the soup that Wustum made. Go to your HQ and accept the Find the Chef mission. Go to Asad at Imperial Plaza then go to the Tehah Village Inn and talk to the Inn Keeper, go to Ch’olui Mountain . The quest will failed but you recruit Wustum.Note: Wustum is a missable character you must recruit him before the desert comes.
25 Semias You meet this gambler at the Grayridge Mine, where he makes a bet that he will see you again some time. After you finish the ‘Make Allies of the Porpos’ request, you can go to Naineneis and find Semias. He is the peculiar looking red-clad guy as you enter the Inn. He says he’s going off to make the biggest bet he has ever made. Return to your HQ, and go west of Erin and Logan on 1F and you will see Semias. Talk to him to recruit him.
26 Meruvis Joins with Chrodechild.
27 Roberto Joins with Chrodechild.
28 Chrodechild Joins the company automatically.
29 Asad Joins the company automatically.
30 Manaril Automatically recruited after saving her at the Arcane Academy. Bring Manaril to the 2nd floor Chronicle room and Mubal officially joins also.
31 Zenoa Joins Automatically
32 Yadima After the HQ expand talk to Yadima at his house on Citro Plain. After talking to Yadima go to the western part of the HQ past the dock and Yadima will be at the field, after talking to Yadima talk to Moana and accept the Plowin’ the field mission. Send the strongest character(with high strength) on the company. After the reporting and finishing the mission talk to Yadima and he will join.
33 Tuhululu Joins with Rekareka.
34 Rekareka Sieg will first meet her at Naineneis. After making the Porpos-kin as an allies, return to Naineneis Trade Shop and she and her son will be there. Go to HQ and accept the Make my Son a Man mission. After accepting the mission go to the HQ first floor at the west where Semias is standing and go to the resident area second floor. After talking to Rekareka and Tuhululu report the mission and accept the I need Laggart Pelts mission. Send Hotupa with Tuhululu on the mission. After reporting and the mission is successful Rekareka and Tuhululu will join.
35 Minen Join with Geschutz.
36 Buchse Joins with Geschutz.
37 Geschutz After Sieg finish the 2nd Empress Consort’s mission and have checked out the Arcane Academy. Accept the Arcane Academy Tour Mission. Then after your HQ expand and Asad, Chrodechild and etc. join the company. Accept the Special Proposal mission, after the mission Geschutz and his crew are recruited.Note: Missable character.
38 Sotah If you speak to him as you enter and check out his Encyclopedia three or four times, you can ask him to join but he won’t join your company quite yet. Come back after your HQ has expanded and ask Sotah to join and he will. He adds to your EXP gained if a support member and has plenty of knowledge for you.
39 Yod Joins with Balsam.
40 Balsam Balsam is on the Grayridge Mine. Sieg can talk to him before the HQ respond. After the HQ expand go to Grayridge mine and ask Balsam to check the lift in the HQ. After Balsam check the lift at the HQ go to Naineneis Trade Shop and talk to the Trade Shop owner that Balsam need the pump and the Shop Owner will give it to Sieg. Go to HQ and give the pump to Balsam and after ten days talk to Balsam at the HQ and he will join with Yod.
41 Khemia After recruiting Geschutz, Minen and Buchse, add either Geschutz or Minen in the party then go to Citro Village Town Square and talk to Khemia and he will join.Notes: He will not join if you if only bring Buchse, however an interesting scene will occur. He would still be there until you brought the other two people from Ritterschild.
42 Nuzhat After the HQ expands and the elevator is working, bring Mubal to Salsabil and enter the residence area. Talk to her and she will join.
43 Icas After Sieg visit Salsabil for the 3rd Empress Consort mission, talk to Moana at the HQ and accpet the Find Somebody mission. Go to the Inn at Salsabil to meet Morrin and Yovel.After the HQ expand and there is a young 5 females joined the company, accept the Find Icas mission, after the Find Icas mission is succeeded, accept the Bring Icas to Me mission. Tell Icas he can join the company and he will be recruited.
44 Morrin After Icas is recruited, get out on the HQ Front Entrance and Sieg see Morrin and Yovel outside the castle. After defeating the assassin Morrin and Yovel will join the company.
45 Yovel After Icas is recruited, get out on the HQ Front Entrance and Sieg see Morrin and Yovel outside the castle. After defeating the assassin Morrin and Yovel will join the company.
46 Numnu After making the Porpos-kin as an allies. Go to HQ and accept the Order attack in Naineneis mission. After successfully doing and reporting the mission, go to Naineneis Entry and Numnu will talk to Sieg. After the scene with Numnu go to HQ and accept the Porpos Abducted mission. Go to Coastal Cave and find Numnu after successfully finding Numnu, Nimni and Nemne will bring him to Neira after the scene with Neira he will join.
47 Felecca Joins with Dromon.
48 Xebec Joins with Dromon.
49 Dromon Accept the Order attack on Naineneis mission. After you finish Order attack on Naineneis mission go to Naineneis Entry to talk to Numnu. Go to HQ and accept the Porpos-kin Abduction mission. Take the middle spring in Coastal Cave it will bring you to 3rd floor. On the first screen of the 3rd floor there was a hole, enter it and you will be on the 2nd floor of the cave. At the 2nd floor go to where Sieg and his company fight the Bowing Crab (Renegade) last time and you will see Dromon and his gang. Fight him and finish the scene then he and his gang will join.
50 Dogha After Sieg completes the Search for Nhazu, Dogha will come to the HQ with Nhazu, but Dogha will leave. After Dogha leaves, exit the HQ and enter again from Flesaria Forest South. Talk to Dogha at the entrance and he will join.
51 Nhazu After the half of Ch’olui Mountain disappear, go to Tehah Village Plaza and talk to Nhazu and agree to take him to Ch’olui Mountain to visit Dogha. Go to the HQ and accept the Search for Nhazu mission. After talking to the Tehah Village towns peaople Sieg will be at Dogha’s house take the rope that Dogha has made at the east of his house. Follow the path and Sieg will see Nhazu. After taking back Nhazu to Tehah Village go back to HQ and he will join.
52 Sphiel After recruiting Dogha, accept the Get Rid of the Snow Fairy mission. Go to Dogha’s House at Ch’olui Mountain, go to the northwest of Dogha’s house and she is in there. After the battle with the Snow Fairy, get back to the HQ and talk to Dogha. Dogha says “Tell him you are full.” Return to Sphiel at Ch’olui Mountain and tell to her that Sieg is full and she will join.Note: If you bring Dogha while recruiting Sphiel. Sphiel won’t show herself until you remove Dogha in the party.
53 Maybelle After the half of Ch’olui Mountain disappear. Go to the peak of Ch’olui Mountain and talk to Maybelle. After the scene go to HQ and accept Find my Fated Lover mission. After reporting the mission go to the Leader’s room alone, on the 4th floor of the HQ, after the events on the room put any young girl on the party and leave HQ. Sieg will say “I can’t take this anymore” and after the scene Maybelle is now recruited.Note: It will not announce that Maybelle is recruited after the touching the Chronicle event on the Leader’s Room but it will be announced on the same room after some major event on the game.
54 Nakil After the HQ expand head out from the HQ and then enter the HQ from Flesaria Forest South with Asad in the team. Asad will say he has to go to save Nakil. After a season enter the HQ from Flesaria Forest South and Asad will come back with Nakil and Nakil will be recruited.Note: You must recruit Nakil before the Janam Desert appears.
55 Hafin After the HQ expand head to Mislato River with Asad in the party. He has deserted the Magedom to join Viele Wege Company.Note: You must recruit Hafin before the Janam Desert appears.
56 Lycia Joins automatically.
57 Servillah Joins automatically.
58 Diulf Joins automatically after defending Cragbark from the Order.
59 Gorno After successfully making the Furious Roar as an allies and recruiting Muro and Balsam. Put Muro in your party then head to Grayridge Mine and go to the Lowest Floor by taking the lift. Go to the west and take the first south path and go to the south west part of the mine and you will find a ladder. Go up on the ladder to enter the Mount Svatgol. Follow the path to the east then south and you will find Gorno.
60 Chein After successfully making the Furious Roar as an allies, add Lycia in your party and enter Marsinah Plain, after entering the Marsinah Plain head to Cragbark but, don’t enter the Village. From Cragbark walk to the north of Masrsinah Plain directly and Sieg and the party will encounter Chein. Lycia will fight Chein, it doesn’t matter weather Lycia would win or Loose. After the fight head to Cragbark at the House of the King and Chein will be recruited.
61 Autar After successfully getting the Furious Roar as allies talk to Autar at Cragbark Town Square. Go to HQ and accept the Gather Animals mission. After the mission ends successfully, go to Cragbark, Town Square and talk to Autar and he will join.
62 Guntram Joins automatically.
63 Fredegund Joins automatically.
64 Ouragan Sieg, first encounter him when recruiting Icas, Morrin and Yovel. After making the Porpos-kin as allies go to HQ and Sieg will see him there, after he leaves go to Naineneis to see him again. Go to HQ and he is there again after the scene he will leave. After making allies with Diulf and the Furious Roar and after talking to Atrie, go to Cragbark General Store and Ouragan is in there. After reclaiming back the Astrasia Kingdom/Pharamond go to the HQ and he will be there and wanted to join the company.
65 Len-Lien Joins with Luo-Tao. Len-Lien decided to join Viele Wege Company to support Liu. She assist’s in missions and battles.
66 Luo-Tao Joins automatically.
67 Yula After returning from Woodland Village add Chrodechild in the party and go to Pharamond castle. Talk to Yula and Chrodechild will have a duel with her. After defeating her and she touch the chronicle she will join.
68 Quillard Joins along with Amaralicht.
69 Amaralicht After returning from Woodland Village, bring Chrodechild and Fredegund at Pharamond and talk to Amaralicht and Quillard at the Castle. After the scene Sieg, Chrodechild, Fredegund and Amaralicht follow Quillard at Wilds of Veil. After finding Quillard and defeating the Order Soldier, Amaralicht and Quillard will join.
70 Bosche Joins with Lathilda.
71 Lathilda After returning from Woodland Village talk to Guntram at the Pharamond Castle. Go to an inn and remove any scribe in the party and choose between Chrodechild or Fredegund or Guntram to add in your party. After choosing and adding any of the three go to Noslaw Woods and find Bosche. Bosche is almost on the middle of the woods. After the scene with Bosche follow him and Sieg will see Lathilda. Lathilda and Bosche will automatically go to Pharamond with Sieg and after the event Lathilda and Bosche will join.
72 Mourgent After returning from Woodland Village. Go to your HQ 2nd Floor, Blades of Night’s Veil post. Yula and Chrodechild were talking about Mourgent. Accept the Request from Gadburg mission. Yula will start duel with Mourgent, defeat him and he will join.
73 Rajim After Luo-Tao start working on searching the Chronicles, go talk to Mona and Moana says “Rajim is on the back entrance,” go there and Rajim will join.
74 Nictis Joins with Megion.
75 Eusmil Joins with Megion.
76 Megion After half of Ch’olui Mountain vanished, go to the peak of Ch’olui Mountain’s west end peak and down the rope, go to South and Enter the Mysterious Ruins, and Megion talks to Sieg.After returning to Woodland Village accept the Return of Megion mission. Bring Diulf, Servillah and Lycia to the Mysterious Ruins make sure that Diulf and his crew is level 35 and up at the south west end of the Mysterious Ruins Sieg will meet Megion, Eusmil and Nictis. Defeat Megion and his crew and they will join.
77 Savina Talk to Icas at the rooftop of the castle. Then go to Pharamond Inn 2nd floor and talk to her and she will join.
78 Lubberkin After returning from Woodland Village, accept The Other Marica’s World mission. Sieg and Hotupa learned that there is someone that is stuck on the other Marica’s World. At the Grayridge Mine, Hotupa will open the gate and meet Lubberkin. After Lubberkin leave go to the inn and put Logan in the party go to the Alley at Grayridge and talk to Lubberkin and he will join.
79 Namna Neira will only appear on the HQ during the bud season.After the HQ upgrade and Neira joined the company. Sieg must visit the 3rd floor of the HQ on bud season and have the scene with Namna. After Fergus, Conon and Dirk become a monster go to Namna at the 3rd floor HQ on bud seasons. Neira will ask Namna to stay and join the company.
80 Hina After recruiting the Dromon pirates, talk to Xebec at the HQ port. After returning from Woodland Village, the mission Letter from Lonomakua will appear, send the Dromon Pirates to do it. Wander around the map for 40 days and the pirates bring Hina with them.
81 Shams After the Janam Desert event, go to Salsabil’s Royal Palace to talk to Shams. After talking to Shams go and stay at Salsabil Inn. He will visit at the Inn and he will now join the company.
82 Taj Taj will join with Shams but not as Star Bearer, but later go to Sham’s room and let him touch the book then he be rectuited as Star Bearer.
83 Tsaubern After the Janam Desert Event go to Salsabil and check any place (without Yula or Minen) on the Town then leave the Salsabil Town, Tsaubern will stop you after the scene with tsaubern go to HQ and accept the Promised Visit mission let him touch the chronicle and he will join.
84 Ramin After the Janam Desert Event go to Salsabil Trade Harbor, after the scene go to HQ and and accept the Discordant Countermeasures mission. Go to Naineneis street and Ramin runs away. Go to Cragbark Town Square. Sieg will take Ramin out on the Marsinah Plain, defeat the Pekklar and Ramin will join.
85 Diadora Joins automatically in chapter 9.
86 Misrach After the Janam desert event go to Salsabil Royal House and Talk to him. You will found Sieg and Misrach on Mislato River. After the scene in Mislato River he will join.
87 Nova Joins automatically in chapter 9.
88 Nofret After Sieg return with Nova and Diadora go to El-Qaral Arcane Academy ruins and on the 6th floor you will find an open door, get inside, Nofret and his comrade are in there. Go to Head Quarter or on any inn and put Shams and Manaril in your party then return to Nofret. After bringing Shams and Manaril to Nofret return to HQ and accept the Help them Dig mission send any strongest character on the mission. After the mission succeeds bring Manaril and Shams on Nofret again and she will join.
89 Resno Joins automatically with Vaslof.
90 Vaslof Joins automatically with Resno.
91 Gilliam After the first attack on Fort Arc, visit Gilliam at the Grayride Hall and ask him to join but he won’t join the company yet. Save your game and go to Moana to accept the Defend Grayridge mission. On the three groups send any strongest member of the company. After mission is succeeded go to Grayridge and recruit Gillam.
92 Kashgar Joins automatically.
93 Diiwica Joins automatically with Kashgar.
94 Indrik Joins automatically with Kashgar.
95 Ordovic Joins after visiting Lugenik.
96 Sophia Joins automatically.
97 Darrow Darrow can be recruited after Fort Arc is taken. Talk to him in Fort Arc with Savina in party.
98 Chihaya Joins with Yomi.
99 Yomi Do the One More Mission requested by Tsaubern. Then put Tsaubern/Yula in your party, and go to Lugenik main street and talk to Yomi and Chihaya. After the scene in Lugenik go to Grayridge Town with Tsaubern/Yula and ask for help, Yomi will join the company.
100 Tigre After Rarohenga appears, bring Diulf to Cragbark Town Square. Talk to Tigre and he will join.
101 Belemuel Join with Keflen.
102 Keflen You’ll meet him after the event in Janam Desert. He is on the Mysterious Ruins in Janam Desert east of El-Qaral. Let Keflen stay at the HQ, after Rarohenga Appear talk to Keflen at the HQ agreed that you will let Keflen bring the Chronicle of Boundless Amber. Go to Mysterious ruins in Janam desert and make your way to the west part of the ruins after the scene Keflen is recruited with Belemuel.
103 Rufa Joins with Kow-Low.
104 Kow-Low After you see Valfred in Rarohenga, accept the Find Someone in Rarohenga mission. He is inside the Mysterious Ruins in Rarohenga help him and he will join with Rufa after the mission.
105 Enumclaw Accept the Get Rid of Citro Monster mission then accept the Get Rid of Mislato Monster. After Rarohenga Appears accept the Get Rid of Woodland Monster mission. After the mission he will join.
106 Hao-Shi After Rarohenga appears, have Liu in the party and talk to him at the path. After seeing Valfred in Rarohenga talk to him again, with Liu in the party aswell, then go to the HQ and accept the Clean up the Woodland Mission after the mission he will join.
107 Zayin Bring Balsam and Yod at Myterious Ruins in Rarohenga. Let Balsam check Zayin and Zayin will join.
108 Mun-Tsang Go to Gineh Valley without Liu in your party. After you see him in Gineh Valley go to HQ and accept I want to see the Elder mission. After seeing Valfred in Rarohenga, put Liu-Shen in your party and she is on the Fort Arc, she is on the end screen of the Main Street and talk to her and she will be recruited.

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